Meet Dr. Moskowitz

My passion is exploring and sharing how each of us can thrive, living as consciously, effectively, joyfully and health-fully as possible in every area of life – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I believe every person can enjoy an experience of greater health and greater enjoyment of what they love in life. My mission is to meet my patients where they are and partner with them to achieve the quality of health-full living that they truly desire.

One of the things I love most about making a difference through chiropractic care is that chiropractic is designed to ignite, support and empower the innate intelligence of the body to restore and sustain a dynamic state of health, which is the body’s natural state.

The simple profundity at the heart of chiropractic care spoke to my soul and initiated a life long quest to discover and refine the real life, everyday practices that consistently lead to robust, health-full living and the optimal performance of both the human animal and the human being.

My intention personally and professionally, is to discover, live and offer practical answers to questions like these:

  • What can I best do to keep my body “in tune” — powerful, flexible, resilient and healthy while responding effectively to the demands of life?
  • What best supports my body in sustaining the highest level of performance for the activities I make a part of my life?
  • What combination of wellness practices (eating, exercising, moving, breathing, relating) will best serve me and support me to meet my deepest wishes, hopes and dreams for my life?

After nearly three decades of delivering chiropractic care and a life long pursuit of practical, everyday wellness and vitality, I am even more passionate about sharing what I have learned about our physical ecology and how simple it really is for each of us to cultivate a health-full, vital life that is ripe with enjoyment and endowed with the capacity to respond artfully to life’s demands and rhythms.  Ultimately, enjoying good health is about developing a lifestyle that works with the body’s innate intelligence to live the fullest life possible.

The fruits of my quest for life-long, vital living infuse the journey I take with others through chiropractic care and wellness consultations at Turning Point Chiropractic. I look forward to sharing this journey with those who are called to create a lasting turning point in their own experience of health.

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