Every service we offer at Turning Point is designed to support, empower, magnify and nurture your body’s impulse toward health.

Chiropractic Care that seeks to remove pain, increase mobility, and restore the proper function of the spinal bones and nervous system. We specialize in finding and correcting spinal subluxations that cause disruption of your central nervous system’s orchestration of the body’s function. When your brain’s instructions to the body become muddled or don’t get through, the overall health of the body is compromised.Whether you have suffered an injury or are experiencing another troubling symptom or feeling of dis-ease, chiropractic care is designed to address the source of the issue and thus, restore the central nervous system and the body to it’s optimal state of function.
Movement Training and personalized exercises to restore and support the function and strength that each body is designed to express. Movement is food for the brain and nervous system. Our modern lifestyles are starving our bodies; most of us simply do not get enough of the right kind of movement – and its simpler than you think!
Lifestyle Consultations designed to identify and implement simple, practical life altering adjustments to liberate your body’s health-full potential and restore your enjoyment of life.

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